Cosmo Gatto
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Dec 15 2022
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Aka is an open-world adventure video game developed by Cosmo Gatto and published by Neowiz.


War is over. An old friend is inviting you to his island to live a peaceful life. Bring back fauna and flora to this paradise that shows scars of the past.

  • Gardening – The player is invited to grow plants, from flowers to vegetables. The farming system is inspired by permaculture, where associations (garden design) and wild animals play a role.
  • Construction – It is possible to craft shelter, tools, clothes, or various props. It can help solve quests or just be for a decorative purpose. You will need to gather materials, find objects or win them while doing quests.
  • Relaxation – Relaxing in hot springs with monkeys, watching clouds while listening to the ocean waves, or taking a nap on a giant Capybara… These activities are fun but not useless because it increases your “happiness.”
  • Narrative QuestsAka isn’t a linear game. You can choose when and how you decide to help the NPC (if you choose to help them). However, only then will you be able to explore every corner, learn about your past, and maybe… find inner peace.
  • Mini-Games – A few mini-games will be available; make the sled, marble maze… their number is yet to be defined.

The World

Explore different islands, from snowy mountains to tropical forests, with their secret areas to explore.

  • Pine Tree Island – Mainly inspired by the south-west of France, this island shows scenery that evokes Europe. There is also a village (accessible via the water-train) where you can meet more characters and play mini-games.
  • Maple Tree Island – Smallest but highest island, inspired by Canadian landscapes.
  • Bamboo Island – Inspired by East Asia, it is the most varied environment; beaches, cherry trees, a snowy volcano, and its famous hot springs!
  • Palm Tree Island – A tropical dream inspired by South Asia and South America, with its turquoise beaches, cloud forest, and giant rodents.


Meet various characters of all kinds: villagers willing to help, trapped animals, giant monsters, or ghosts from your past who need your help to be freed.

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