Release Dates
(PC) Worldwide
Sep 15 2023

Savant: Ascent REMIX, formerly Savant: Ascent Anniversary Edition, is a side-scrolling platformer / shoot ’em up video game developed and published by D-Pad Studio. It is an enhanced version of Savant: Ascent.


Taking the shoot ’em up platformer to new heights, this remastered edition boasts a host of brand new content, stages, bosses, powerups, and an entire original soundtrack created by the acclaimed Norwegian musician Savant.

In Savant: Ascent REMIX, you play as the Alchemist, who’s been cast down from his tower by an unknown force. Your goal is to ascend back to the top, with your movement limited at all times to two platforms, be they moving elevators or space debris. By using rapid volleys of magic missiles to take out attacking enemies and precise dashes and jumps to move between the two platforms, you must try to survive the deadly journey back to the summit.

This remastered version of Savant: Ascent enhances the game in every way. Unlock new dashing abilities to outsmart enemies, take on epic new bosses created especially for this anniversary edition and encounter enemies that amass in greater numbers than before in the brand new “Survival Mode.” In Survival Mode, fearsome bosses appear of their own volition while you scramble to survive in the Endless Elevator.

Savant: Ascent REMIX is the ultimate way to experience a musical artist’s persona as you’ve never done before! The game is based on the universe of Savant—developed in collaboration with Simon S. Andersen of D-Pad Studio (Owlboy / Vikings on Trampolines). Hear Savant’s unrivaled genre bending in action as you obtain new pieces of the soundtrack and remixes. The game even gives you the option to customize your own playlist as you play.

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