Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy

Release Dates
Summer 2023

Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy is a side-scrolling puzzle platformer video game developed by Frozenbyte and published by THQ Nordic.


Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy will take Amadeus the Wizard, Zoya the Thief, and Pontius the Knight on their most action-packed journey yet!

With their reputations tarnished, loved ones in danger, and their own magical powers at stake, the heroes of Trine must reunite to push back a fearsome Clockwork army and bring peace and justice to the land!

Traverse breathtaking 2.5D landscapes in Trine‘s deepest and visually richest chapter to date, with an all new cast of characters—some friends, some foes, but all unforgettable.

Whether by yourself or playing with up to three friends in online and local cooperative play, the upgraded puzzle difficulty system keeps things fresh, adapting the challenge to the number of players.

Level up the heroes’ abilities with the all-new skill quest system, growing their legend as they are once again united by… the Trine!

Key Features

  • 2.5D adventure with world-renowned puzzle platformer action.
  • Combine forces in one to four players (single player, local and online cooperative play).
  • Accessibility and replayability through an adaptive difficulty system for both combat and puzzles.
  • Beautiful fantasy world with stunning visuals.
  • New combat system and tense boss encounters.
  • Fairytale soundtrack, as well as a voice cast of returning favorites and charming new additions.
  • Character-specific skill quest system adds greater depth and playstyle variety than ever before.
  • Trine‘s most epic tale yet, with more levels, puzzles, and battles than previous entries.
  • Express yourself—deck the heroes of Trine out in customizable outfits.
  • Bring the kingdom back from the verge of clockwork oblivion in Trine‘s most magical story, with fiendish villains and memorable allies

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  • April 12, 2023

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